Due Diligence Barclays bank

Barclays Sets Aside £3.7bn for Coronavirus Aid

Major bank Barclays have revealed the true extent of how coronavirus has impacted their business. The bank revealed that they set aside £3.7 billion in the first half of the year in order to cover loan losses as the pandemic impacted customers and businesses across the country. Barclay’s diversified its business model as a key…

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Due Diligence mortgage

The Post-Lockdown Mortgage Market

There’s no denying that mortgages have taken a hit thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. The UK government has introduced steps such as temporarily removing stamp duty on houses up to £500,000 but unless borrowers have a large deposit, they’re likely still to struggle to get the mortgage they want. Lockdown saw many major lenders pull…

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Due Diligence commercial property

Commercial market insights | Covid-19 easing

Looking again at the market sectors in and around the UK in light of Covid 19, this week we look at the commercial markets. Pretty much everything about the current economic contraction is unprecedented — but one very familiar phenomenon could be emerging that will extend and deepen the crisis. The health of the commercial…

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