The Kalifa Review

An independent strategic review of UK financial technology (FinTech) has been published in line with the emerging prominence of this sector and the UK’s highly regarded fintech reputation. Also known as ‘The Kalifa Review’, its purpose is to aid the adoption and growth of Fintech in the UK. The review illustrates a strategy and delivery…

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Freelance borrowers

Freelance Borrowers Face Being ‘Locked Out’ of the Mortgage Market

Freelance borrowers face being effectively ‘locked out’ of the mortgage market by lending restrictions which would force them to raise a £100,000 deposit.  Major lenders have started cracking down on freelancers as part of their own risk-aversion strategies. Santander have blocked mortgage applications from freelancers unless they have a deposit of at least 40%. The…

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2020 business borrowing

Business borrowing increases four-fold in 2020 thanks to Coronavirus pandemic

Business borrowing increased drastically throughout 2020 as businesses fought to survive the coronavirus pandemic.  More than £68 billion was partly or fully guaranteed by the treasury according to the Bank of England, with business borrowing increasing four-fold throughout the year. The UK government announced various support and loan schemes back at the start of the…

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